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Legal Services

Legal Services

Legal Services

Affidavits, Declarations, and Documents Attestations

As a Notary Public and Commissioner of Oath, we can provide Affidavits, Declaration, and Document Attestation services for our clients. An Affidavit or Declaration is a legal document that lists several statements that an individual swears upon to be true in front of a notary and can be used as evidence in court or other purposes like obtaining your Visa & Passport or copies of them. Before an Affidavit, Declaration, or Document is signed, it must be brought to a Notary Public and an oath must be taken. We will notarize your Affidavit. Declaration, or Attesting Document and administer oaths as required.

Ontario Court of Justice

As a registered paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario, we also provide attorney or representation services for lower court claims and administrative tribunals. We provide legal assistance in the following related cases:

  • Passport or Visa Denial
  • Landlord & Tenant Matters
  • Personal Injury (SABS)
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (SABS)
  • Punitive Detention Review & Release
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C)
  • Inadmissability

For more information about immigration appeals or inadmissibility, click HERE.