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Immigration Services

We will help you obtain your passport into Canada by providing you a professional assessment of your options, sponsorship, and employment opportunities, and more.

Legal Services

Looking to be represented in court? We provide legal representation for our clients to obtain their visa into Canada as well as provide appeal hearing services for previous court cases.

Fingerprint Services

Unlike many of our competitors, we provide an integrated and affordable fingerprinting service together with RCMP Fingerprinting for police clearance services and more.

About Us


TODAY'S IMMIGRATION AND LEGAL SERVICES is a professional consultancy firm helping people around the world immigrate to Canada. We provide a variety of services to help clients through the immigration process in the clearest and cost-effective manner. With over 15 years of qualified experience, we have helped solve thousands of cases for clients wanting to obtain their Visa to Canada.
Moving to a new country is an exciting chapter in one's life, but the Visa process can be an overwhelming and confusing process. We will ensure your immigration to Canada and the application process is as simple as possible by providing you with a professional assessment of your Visa options and communicate with you every step of the way!
As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), licensed member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), you can be confident that a certified professional and experienced expert will succeed when taking your case.
Today's Immigration and Legal Services are now working with RCMP Fingerprinting for Police Clearance services.

Our Mission

Responsible for the future immigration dreams of our clients, our mission is to provide practical solutions and legal support to anyone wanting to come to Canada.

Our Commitment

We work with our clients to obtain their Visa to Canada. We will communicate the status of their application and help solve their problems so their case is a success.


Immigration Services From Experienced Consultants.

Today’s Immigration & Legal Services was established by Salauddin Ahmed in 2004 to help immigrants like himself make Canada their home. Mr. Ahmed is a certified immigration consultant with ICCRC and paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario. For over 15 years, he has skillfully guided applicants through the immigration process and represented them in court successfully.

Immigration Consultant (ICCRC)
Paralegal & Notary Public (Law Society of Ontario)
Reasonable Fees & Quality Service

Make Canada Your Future Home With Your Family, Your Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Yes, most applicants intending to immigrate to Canada must have proof of language ability in either English or French. If you are immigrating from an English-speaking country, you are still required to show proof or complete a language proficiency test like the IELTS (English) or TEF (French) Language Test.

The amount of money you will need depends on the immigration program you apply for, the intended period of visitation, and the number of dependents. Generally speaking, if you are single and are applying for permanent residency under the express entry program, you will need a minimum savings of around $13,000 in Canadian dollars to cover costs of settlement, visa and other legal document processing fees, and basic necessities. You do not need proof of funds if you have a work permit and a valid job offer in Canada or if you apply under the Canadian Experience Class program.

Yes, if you are a foreign visitor, you will need to have private health insurance during your stay in Canada. Canada’s free health care system is not available for visitors from other countries so you will need minimum coverage during your visitation. If you are a recent immigrant, you will still need visitors to Canada insurance until you are eligible to receive public health insurance in your province. Do not worry! private health insurance in Canada is relatively cheap but knowing what you qualify for can give you more options. For example, if you are an international student, you are eligible for International Student Insurance, or if you are a family member, consider Super Visa Insurance. We can help you figure it out.

The time it takes for Visa processing varies depending on the candidate, country, program, and case. Generally, the expected wait time is between 8 to 32 weeks (2 to 8 months) but can be longer. We advise you to contact us if you are not sure or check the estimated processing time for each application type provided by the Government of Canada using the following link: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/check-processing-times.html

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