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Process & Benefits of Immigrating to Canada (Bangladesh)

Mr. Salauddin Ahmed, a bangladesh-origin Canadian citizen with over 15 years of experience helping people immigrate to Canada, explains the process and benefits of immigration to Canada (in Bengali) on NRB TV.

Canada offers anyone an opportunity to start a new life and escape poverty, work hard to build a future, and live happily.

Salauddin Ahmed

Choosing the right Visa program to apply to can be an overwhelming and confusing process. We will ensure you obtain your Visa in the most simple and cost-effective method available with your needs in mind.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Service With Reasonable Fees
  • Evaluation of Visa Options by RCIC
  • Preparation & Completion of Documents
  • Submission to The Canadian Government
  • Legal Advisory & Representation Services

Process of Immigrating To Canada

Applicants from foreign countries must apply to a qualifying immigration program and submit their documents to the Canadian Government or Embassy in their country. Depending on the immigration program, intended period of stay, residing province, and other extenuating factors such as the applicant background, language proficiency, and financial situation, Canada may grant the visa after a 2-8 month approval period. The applicant will then take a medical examination and have their fingerprint taken which is a service we provide. When official copies of documents are requested, we will notarize them for you so you will retain additional copies of these important documents. Unlike other consulting firms, we provide all these services at a reasonable price so you do not need to go through the hassle of finding other companies that provide these services at higher prices.

Prospects & Available Benefits

Canada is among the top wealthy countries in the world. With strong economic stability and a high quality of life for it’s citizens, Canada also offers free healthcare and financial assistance to those who need it. Canada values multiculturalism and welcomes foreigners with open arms. Our culture is very accepting and supportive of immigrants. Canada has one of the best education systems in the world and a low crime rate. Life is peaceful and stable. Canada offers all this and more to all immigrants. Contact us today to begin your immigration to Canada!

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